Why should you hire an explainer video company instead of a freelancing team?

You want a killer explainer video, and it’s time to hire the right people. Will you hire a freelancing team or an explainer video company? We have great respect for freelancers, but hiring them for your video can come with some disadvantages. Keep reading if you want to know the difference.


One can assume that freelancers usually charge less but it’s not always the case, especially on the long run.  No doubt they can finish the job within a given budget and time frame but keep in mind that a professional explainer video company can be held more accountable than a freelancing team considering it goes over each step of the process before submitting the final work to make sure you receive the value of what you paid for.


There should be clarity in the voice, free of technical disturbances. Freelancers, if they work together, have a small team, and usually don’t invest in hiring trained voice talents. While an explainer video company has it covered from the start.


The risk you might be taking with freelancers is that they are generally unaware of the marketing trends, which makes it difficult for them to predict the impact that the video will have on your target audience. In addition, the team dynamics and experience they have is never as consistent and homogeneous as the one you will find in an experienced explainer video company, given the fact that they are not fixed people and they might change based on who they work with each time.

So who would you pick?