What makes a successful landing page?

There’s no standard manual on creating perfect landing pages because they’re as different as the people looking at them. But what are some tricks to help you boost your landing page? Let’s find out.¬†

Headlines and subheadlines

Usually if the headline makes the user look, then the subheadlines should make them stay on your landing page. As a persuasive tool, the subheadline should complete the work of a big title by giving more details. When you think about titles as a your unique selling proposition, you will automatically think of a straight forward sentence that will capture your audience’s attention and the essence of your brand. Most importantly don’t be afraid to look for inspiration.

Landing page social proof

By social proofs we mean any signs that you’re connected.¬†From customer reviews, to client projects and social media content. Social proofs are a sign of life, especially in a competitive market. Whether you’re a startup or

Guess what?

Videos, of course, also known as the “hero shot” of your landing page. As we previously covered in one of our blog posts, videos are dynamic, and increase your conversion rate.

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