Meet the wezank team: up close and personal

It’s one thing to work with us and another to know us up close and personal. We must warn you, what you’re about to discover is terrifying, and in no way, shape, or form true! But hey, let’s get creative.

We start the day with a secret handshake to summon the positive wezank vibes. It includes chanting in a language we came up with. If you attempt to join, you will be cursed.

Once done, we unlock our computers by scanning our little toe. Some find it gross, we find it slightly ticklish, but we got used to it. And just like the rest of you, we enjoy a good playlist while working. You know, the usual, Macarena, Asereje, Who let the dogs out… Love’em.

Topping it all off, we enjoy a small chat during lunch break where we talk about quantum physics, neuroscience, and share our indescribable passion for puppets.

And there you go, a sneak peek into our usual routine. Share with us yours, and let’s exchange ideas!