Explainer videos: are they really still effective?

Truth be told, wezank began developing explainer videos way before videos boomed in Lebanon. We’ve watched the market grow and a lot of companies started selling explainer videos as one of their specialities. This led to a lot of lookalike explainer videos, which leaves us with one question: Are they still effective?

Our answer is…

Most marketing objectives revolve around creating awareness, educating audiences, and persuading them with a clever call to action. In a previous blog post we saw how explainers increase your conversion rates, and act as an exceptional marketing tool that clarifies your idea.

However, we’ve all noticed that a lot of explainer videos ended up having one format: they have the same style, same format, same music. So we end up asking: are people still watching them? Are conversion rates better than any other medium? The answer will always be yes. Why? Because the focus of the video content changes, so in a way, not all explainer videos will be the same.

As pioneers in the market, we ended up noticing that the explainer videos we made and were so popular a few years ago are not going to be used in the same way, not even close. This is due to the evolution of clients’ marketing objectives and our techniques as creatives, as well as the trends in animation and design. Not only that but this format help your customers humanise your product. Video is an extra standalone tool that can be easily shared on any social media channel and landing page.

Are explainer videos still effective after all? Yes. But it takes a really passionate and professional company to make one. Quality matters. While you may be tempted to grab your camera and shoot your product; the production quality does matter.  A concise script with a good story, good design, and clear audio will make all the difference.