wezank Christmas video: the story

Green screen is one of the coolest digital video effects we’ve ever used. Chroma-key or green screen is a cool technique that allows us to create viral videos that can easily put you on another planet if that’s what your script demands. In our case, we were stranded in the cold for Christmas. On the bright side, Santa passed by.

The Brief

As the festive season approached, we were looking for a more meaningful and creative way to interact with our audience than traditional 2D videos. Nowadays, viewers are choosing to watch online videos with personalised and skillful content, so we built our video idea around that objective.

While brainstorming, we kept three main words in mind: trendy, funny, technical. We also made use of the strengths of our previous viral videos and stepped up the game by combining different animation and editing techniques, and added a fun storyline that was somehow inspired from the character traits of each one of the team.

The Process

When we started shooting, we were careful as to not get carried away with our gestures and movements because we had a limited green screen background behind us. The process was interesting due to the fact that we also shot different perspectives and angles to make it look as realistic as possible.

Our end target was not only to produce a funny video, but also to use it as a way to connect with  our clients and social media followers, and stand out from the “nouveaux” video makers.

The Outcome

After this experience, we learnt that it’s not about fitting everything into one video, but choosing the right techniques and styles that fit together nicely. That’s how we ended up with our final Christmas video. With a lot of positive feedback and interested clients, we managed to enjoy the festive season with pride as we took on another challenge and delivered beautiful results!

In the meantime, enjoy this exclusive behind the scenes footage of our raw video and discover how we shot the scenes. We’re certain that when you’re done watching you’ll want your very own video.

What should we do next? Let us know, and see you next year in another awesome video!