Vimeo or Youtube: who wins?

Before you decide which video-sharing platform to pick, you need to ask yourself some questions first: Do you want to target a large audience, or more niche? Do have a budget? After answering, take a minute and quickly check which platform to choose between Vimeo or YouTube based on what you wish to accomplish with your business.

Get personal with Vimeo

If you don’t have a high budget, luckily for you Vimeo doesn’t run advertisements on any of the videos that you upload. This is probably the biggest advantage of hosting your videos on Vimeo instead of YouTube. However, it offers a Vimeo business plan and more statistics that enable you to study the results of your video from start to finish.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the quality of content because the site is much more niche than YouTube, there is a good chance that only serious video creators and watchers are regularly visiting the site

Get popular with YouTube

It’s the world’s most popular video sharing platform with more than 1 billion unique users visit and is undoubtedly the highest-trafficked web-based video publishing platform allowing you to capture Attention, boost your SEO, and integrate it with your social media marketing for a chance to go viral with your video.

So, what would you pick?