Video Marketing: A Powerful Way of Branding

Video marketing or video advertising is a strategic way of growing your business. Over 82% of online shoppers spend their time watching videos that means if you are not thinking of incorporating video marketing into your business affairs, you will be totally left out. Video advertising makes it easy for you to properly engage your customers. Video marketing is a strategy that shows prospects and enriches your brand. Below are 10 reasons why you should incorporate video marketing into your business life.

Immediate and stronger impact on customers

Video advertising is the strongest way of converting users; it is better than other ways of engaging your customers. More than 65% of marketers believe that video marketing is more effective than other forms of content marketing strategies. Videos are more powerful they are dynamic, visceral, downright nourishing, and immediate. If you market your potential clients with videos, many of them will be compelled to respond.


Tell your stories with videos

Video marketing is a creative way of telling your stories it offers you the opportunity to tell your brand story creatively, effectively, smarter, and achieve a faster result. Storytelling is an indisputable marketing technique; it is older than marketing itself. Through storytelling, you will create a lasting impression on your customers. Whether you place the video on the home page or “About Us” page, an inspiring video will create a bigger impact than content writing.


Video sells

Whenever a customer comes to you, you should understand that they are searching for value. Video advertising is the best way of communicating your brand. Video marketing content has a better and more durable shelf-life. A well-produced video will last for a longer period of time before you can refresh it. In fact, it is a huge investment compared to article writing, blog writing, or webpages, which need updates at least twice a year. People share videos more on social media than text web pages.


Videos have great search engine optimisation value

Google is making sure they provide quality contents for users at all times. Google may not be able to read your visuals or audios, but they are interested in reading other contents such as tags, video length, comments, keywords in subtitle uploads, social engagement, YouTube engagement, title tag information etc. All these will help Google to better rank your website online.


Easily reach a large audience

Video marketing creates viable brand awareness. Do you want your brand to be well-known? Do you want to build a global brand? Then you need to start providing your customers with what they want before someone else will start doing it. As you reach a wider audience through various social media platforms, make sure you are giving them high quality. Let your videos be polished and professional, this will help you to have a direct impact on your customers.


Large amounts of people watch videos every day

With video advertising, it becomes easy for you to showcase your brand’s character and personality. If you want to have an impact or leave a lasting impression on people, then start exploring video marketing. Video marketing is unique, it doesn’t tell only your brand’s story, but it perfectly shows it. Make the video to be lively and vibrant so that it can have the huge impact. It will generate a positive, warm mood around your brand. Video marketing is the most reliable way of bringing life to your brands in an effective way.


More approaching than text

Internet users are more interested in consuming video content than creative writing content. Gone are the days when users are comfortable with watching a two minute clip. They now want to be watching a comprehensive view of the videos. If the video has compelling content, the audience will be ready to watch it no matter how long it lasts.

Your customers, both existing and prospective, are hanging out on social media channels. This is the place where they watch, read, catch up with friends and followers, discuss interesting topics, and of course spend quality time with each other. Video is social, and people feel free to share it with contacts. With videos, you will outshine or beat the competition. You will stay relevant.


Mobile and video marketing explain everything

95% of users say that they watch an explainer video to get useful information about a specific product or service. If you have any product you think that is complex, all you need to do is to create animated videos. The beauty of animation is that it will explain it in an effective way more than live videos or texts.


Video marketing is more interactive

Internet marketers should know that users share emotions, not necessarily facts. YouTube is one of the most visited social networks in the world because people go there to watch videos. Most time you find out that if users are pleased with the content, they will share it with their friends or followers. Thus, to encourage social sharing, you must make your video to be interactive, engaging, interesting, and fun. Social shares have the capacity to drive traffic to your site and generate a huge return on investment.


Video uses email campaigns

As you create your videos, ensure you incorporate it into your email marketing campaigns. Studies say that an introductory email that comes with videos gets click-through-rate by 93%. This is an effective way of standing out from the crowd, and getting your message to the right audience faster!


Social video marketing strategy is a unique aspect of telling your business stories to your customers. It is all about conversions and connections; it will help in boosting sales. As a business owner, video marketing will enable you to make money faster. A well-produced video is worth more than a thousand words.

Over 70% of businesses confirmed that video provides a great return on investment. Keep in mind that the content of the videos matter, users are more interested in watching and sharing videos that explain the product very well.

Video builds trust; Google loves videos, and video marketing appeals to mobile users more. If you are launching a new product or service, simply create a video to show your customers how it is done!


This is a guest post by Curtis Schlaufman