UNDP LEAP video: women’s quota

We were approached by UNDP’S LEAP to produce a series of videos that focus and encourage women’s participation in the general elections.

The Brief

The client requested informative videos that go straight to the point but have a particular tone of voice that is both serious and provocative to initiate action and proactivity:

1- An introduction on Women’s quota

2- Worldwide, regional, and local ranking video showing the quota in numbers.

3- Quota controversies: the video should respond to main issues people have against quota and highlight its importance.

4- The last video should lay down the major arguments in favour of the quota.

The Process

What was interesting about these videos was that we gave them a unique animation approach. Far from the traditional style, we developed distinctive illustrations that represented the different women in Lebanon, from different backgrounds to be as realistic as possible.

The Outcome

The videos were used as part of LEAP’s online campaign on their Facebook and YouTube channels, and played a major part in their toolkit including brochures and the 4 animated explainer videos in both Arabic & English.