Our explainer videos are crafted with love by our small but vibrant team.
Every single specialist from our skilled team wears many hats and is always ready to help.



Toni is the co-founder of wezank. He likes eating chocolate and drinking helium from balloons. His favorite pastime at the office is shredding top secret papers.


When she’s not wired into her laptop, Maya is just enjoying the job of her dreams. She’s the co-founder of wezank and is passionate about all things animation.


You can instantly recognize her by the hundreds of miniature items on her desk. Paola is in charge of creating the beautiful visuals and animations at wezank.


Stephanie is full of energy, smiles and talent. She is in charge of turning scripts into beautiful visuals, from storyboard to animation.


Tania is the youngest among us, but she’s full of motivation. She takes care of storyboarding, drawing, and animating wezank videos.


Pascale is our talented scriptwriter. She’s extremely good with words, and makes sure your videos have a very strong script as a basis. She’s the calmest of the wezankers!


Abdo is probably the only number-friendly person on the team. That’s why he’s in charge of saving our life when it comes to finances, taxes and such things at the office.


To put it simply, Fayez is the coolest lawyer! He has the superpower to answer any question about any legal topics instantly.

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