Relationship goals: explainer videos and businesses

In the recent years, the popularity of online videos has grown significantly, and our love for them grew stronger too. Along with increasing your conversion rates, videos act as an exceptional marketing tool that clarifies your idea, and builds a bridge between you and your beloved audience. A few of these reasons why we think explainer videos and businesses are relationship goals are given below:


Happy couples enjoy spending time together, but so do videos and businesses. Both go well together because each type of has a distinctive visual style for a specific industry. That way, the both get their perfect business partners.


As opposed to sympathy, empathy is understanding how others feel from their perspective. In this case, explainer videos allow businesses to step out of their comfort zone and step into both their customers’ and competition shoes. Moreover, help businesses show their culture and convey real emotions that cannot be shared via text only.


With 70% of internet users watching online, videos are capable of keeping visitors engaged. Just like a crush turns into real love, according to Internet Retailer, up to 85% of people are more likely to buy a product, leading to a higher conversion rate. This leaves little to no time for distractions, but more to the imagination.

Are you ready to embark on a romantic journey full of beautiful videos? Let’s talk about it.