What every motion graphics company in Lebanon needs

There are many attributes that separate a great motion graphics company in Lebanon from another one. At the end of the day there’s no ‘one size that fits all’ plan, but based on horror stories our clients went through with many companies, we’ve managed to compile a list of characteristics we believe should exist in any creative atmosphere.


It can be easy to follow trends. Let’s face it, we have to keep up with a highly competitive market. However, this sometimes means that the outcome will resemble all the rest. Creative work and originality are definitely a signature stamp for any motion graphics company in Lebanon, and every project is a chance to take a step forward in the field.


We like to have fun in our studio, slightly break the rule, but definitely work smart. Self-motivated and initiative-driven employees are the ones who give any company an extra flare. Needless to say that when deadlines approach, animators should turn their passion and risk taking ability into proficient and professional work.

Motion graphics company in Lebanon lacks…

Diversity. Maybe not all companies, but definitely most of them, and that’s a proven fact. Diverse teams turn every job into pure passion and creativity, not just in terms of gender, age or ethnicity, but skill sets, backgrounds, education, and experiences. Traits we could definitely use in our country for better workplace dynamics and more creative projects.

Being one of the few motions graphics companies in Lebanon to strive for constant progress, we felt the urge to share with you our vision.

What are your thoughts on this whole topics? Let us know.