How-To Videos

Step-by-step tutorial videos

What’s a how-to video?

How-to videos show a step-by-step video guide of a specific process for your viewers.

They are video tutorials that make the learning process easier for everyone. They can be a screencast video of your platform, a live action of a person talking, or an animated video.


Example: This video shows step-by-step how to book a trip on the gokurban website.


of how-to videos


 Example: This video shows how to use the smart ATM.

  • Simplified learning process
  • Increased awareness
  • More satisfied customers
  • Memorable experience

When and how to use it?

The how-to video is best used to show a step-by-step guide of your product, to introduce a new service or feature, and make the learning process of your customers smoother and easier.

  • Facebook video
  • YouTube video
  • App preview
  • Website
  • Email newsletter
Example: This video shows the process of buying on the website.