How to use Facebook stories for your business?

Yes, yes they’re everywhere. No, we’re not talking about unicorns, but social media stories. They’re on Instagram, What’sApp, and were recently launched on Facebook, but people are still getting the hang of it. If you’re one of them, let’s discover in this blog post how to successfully use Facebook stories in your marketing strategy.

Facebook stories aren’t available yet for business pages, and they aren’t visible to people who follow you but aren’t your friends. So to take advantage of this new opportunity for marketing your business, your Facebook friends list will need to include those you want to attract and interact with as a business.

Behind the scenes with Facebook stories

Allowing people a sneak peek into your day and share with them what you’re working on in your business. They’ll feel closer to you and relate to your brand even more.  Let’s say you have an event coming up; Facebook stories are perfect to show them around and tease them about what’s coming up.

Show your skills with Facebook stories

Get closer to your target audience and share tips as a series of images or videos with a brief text overlay. Your audience will see you as an expert in the field, who’s not afraid to show his experience. That way, you’ll be encouraging engagement, and people will reply to your stories, especially if they found one to be useful for them.

How are you using Facebook stories? Share with us your ideas!