How to choose the right social media channel for your videos?

Being active on too many social media channels can be overwhelming, and the last thing you want is to mess things up by posting your explainer video on the wrong platforms. Don’t freak out just yet, because we’re here to help you out.

YouTube videos

YouTube is the most popular video oriented site, so when it comes to boosting your SEO ranking, because videos are over 50 times more likely to show on the first pages of a search result. So take it from us, if you can visually show how your service works, then your explainer video will definitely drive engagement.

Tip: having a YouTube channel will benefit your business if your videos are seasonal, or you’re marketing campaign is digitally oriented, or else it’s not the right channel for your explainer video.

Facebook Videos

Facebook  is the biggest social media channel, and has a lot of targeted potential customers. If you start off with an active page, you’re guaranteed to attract potential clients and retain existing ones with great visuals and videos.

Tip: Learn from the comments you receive on your video, and monitor the likes and shares as well. Such results will help you grow from the previous experience and do better next time.

LinkedIn Videos

LinkedIn is the largest social media network for business people, hands down, even though many small businesses still don’t use it in their marketing campaign. Your approach to this platform should be more serious, and professional, which means your video should be informative

Tip: According to LinkedIn, followers who engage with videos on LinkedIn take twice as many “amplification actions” (we mean by that the likes, shares, and comments) as they do on non-video posts.


There you have it everyone! Your video is ready to take social media by storm, so choose your network wisely!