vault representing the key attributes of successful motion graphics company in Lebanon

What every motion graphics company in Lebanon needs

There are many attributes that separate a great motion graphics company in Lebanon from another one. At the end of the day there’s no ‘one size that fits all’ plan, but based on horror stories our clients went through with many companies, we’ve managed to compile a list of characteristics we believe should exist in any creative atmosphere.

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4 tips to enjoy your work during summer season.

The alarm goes on, you snooze it, go back to sleep, and repeat. What’s worse? It’s not the weekend and the heat is in no way encouraging you to get up and get ready for work. But if you love your job as much as we do, you’ll find little pleasures in small things that will boost your morale even more and help you enjoy your work during summer season. So grab your ice cream and let’s get to it!

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Snapchat vs. Instagram

Are you team Snapchat or team Instagram?

Yes, yes. A battle between Snapchat and Instagram in on the rise. We all went crazy when Instagram announced their “Stories feature“, taking a a full chapter from Snapchat’s book. We’re not here to judge or point fingers at anyone,because let’s face it, we’re gonna use both anyways. We just want to scan both stories and see how much of their plots have in common.

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