visual representing the success of e-commerce through explainer videos

e-commerce videos: a success story

Nowadays, most of the web users shop online, it’s more convenient considering their lifestyle. And when you think about it, why wouldn’t they? There’s a huge range of products, and home delivery is always convenient. Since consumers can easily compare prices, it’s all heaven them, but for online retailers, you need a competitive advantage, and that would be e-commerce videos, i.e explainer videos for online shopping.

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Blogging challenges revealed

Blogging. What a small word for such a big responsibility of adding new and fresh materials to your site. We all know that blogging comes with so many obstacles both in the research and written phase, but can you imagine how specific our blog has to be, considering that we purely work on explainer videos? Now that’s a tough one, but always fun, so we’re here to share the 2 main challenges of blogging about explainer videos

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a visual showing a landing page with explainer video

3 companies with the best landing page explainer videos!

We hate to break it to you, but there are so many landing pages that are better than yours. Why? Because they have explainer videos. Landing page videos are perfect to showcase your brand in a concise, entertaining and informative way. We’re not pouring salt into your wound, but here are 3 companies with the best landing page explainer videos for your inspiration.

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Screen shot of two parallel scenes from the explainer video showing a person to the left sitting on a table, and to the right, a father leaving with his daughter

Nawaya Impact Lab: explainer video

The Nawaya Network develops the talents of youth with a marginalized background. The organization contacted us to create a video for their upcoming project “Nawaya Impact Lab” designed in partnership with Unicef to support unemployed Lebanese and refugee youth by helping them develop solutions to problems in their communities. We were surprised by the numbers, and we’re sure you will be too. This is how we developed the video.

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long stories in short video

How to tell a long story in a short video

For as long as we can remember, a lot of our projects started with a pile of data from our clients, which was later filtered into a concise questionnaire. We know that you want to include as much information in your explainer video as possible because you want your audience to have it all, but that’s not possible. How to tell a long story in a short video? Let’s find out.

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