Dubai Explainer Video Companies

The most important thing to do before creating a marketing campaign for a new city is to get familiar with the market, culture and the people living there. That’s exactly what we did when we worked along side Dubai companies to create awesome explainer videos for their businesses. We visited the city many times, lived amongst its people and made plenty of new friends there. We can’t but respect and admire a city who grew so much in the last 25 years.

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Atheer Labs – The making of the video

Atheer Labs





The first time we talked to Soulaiman Itani, Founder and CTO of Atheer Labs, it felt as if we had just traveled to the future. Is such a technology really that possible? “Next year”, he said.

We were very impressed with the product that Atheer Labs were developing: augmented reality glasses that would take our everyday life to the next level.

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Arabic Explainer Videos: Factors to consider

Language is one of the most important components to study before creating an explainer video. How will this video reach the most people and lead to the biggest return on investment (ROI)? Throughout this article, we’ll go through some factors to study before choosing whether an Arabic explainer video is the right choice for your business.

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Supermarket Manipulation: Tricks that get us to buy more

Supermarket manipulation

Did you ever end buying stuff from the supermarket you never intended to buy? What about spending hours at the shop when all you needed was a bottle of milk? If the answer is yes, then you were a victim of supermarket manipulation. From the entrance, aisles and music, we’ll go through some of the tricks supermarkets use to get us to buy more.

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Video for Small Business: How it works

video for small business

If you’re the owner of a small business, you probably have one major concern on your mind “How do I compete with the big boys?” The answer is to simply stand out. With this huge increase of competition and the clutter of brands trying to sell, it has become much harder to grab people’s attention. This is especially difficult for small businesses.

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Bitcoin: A currency or scam?


The US dollar has been the world’s most popular currency for quite some time now. However, as the central banks keep meddling with the value of the dollar, people are looking to replace it. The most recent was Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of the digital currency: Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been making news headline ever since its creation in 2009. The million dollar question lies however: Is it really a currency or just a scam?

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Product Placement – How effective is it?

You’re watching the latest blockbuster movie featuring Brad Pitt as the lead role. One scene in the movie sees Mr. Pitt grabbing a Pepsi from his refrigerator and drinking it. You may not notice it or give it much thought, and the movie will go on as if nothing has happened. Fact of the matter is, Pepsi Co. have just pulled a very costly and smart marketing stunt on you.

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Using Video for Marketing

How Important is Using Video for Marketing Today?

Traditional VS Modern Marketing

Traditional marketing was simple: The more you spend, the more your return on investment. While many brands still use this strategy, they tend to forget the fact that customers became smarter and bombarding them with ads and promotions doesn’t really work anymore.

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