Using Video for Marketing

How Important is Using Video for Marketing Today?

Traditional VS Modern Marketing

Traditional marketing was simple: The more you spend, the more your return on investment. While many brands still use this strategy, they tend to forget the fact that customers became smarter and bombarding them with ads and promotions doesn’t really work anymore.

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App Preview starting only $970

App Preview video starting $970

As announced in our last post, Apple introduced App Preview with the new iOS8. It’s a new feature that enables app developers to add a demo video about the app on the app page in iTunes. Sweet, right? Finally, developers have a powerful tool to explain the app to potential users, engage with them, increase downloads and therefore increase sales and profit.

We have been producing these App Preview videos since we’ve been in business, but for the first time, app developers will be able to integrate the videos on the app store. This calls for a celebration, and for a special offer from wezank!

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App Preview, iOS

App Preview – Changing The Game

This fall, Apple will release the latest version of its mobile operating system. It’s codenamed Okemo; also known as iOS8. This is great news for app developers and marketers. In fact, as part of the new update, Apple is adding a new feature called App Preview. This will revolutionize the way you market and promote your apps.

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Corporate Storytelling Video Marketing

Corporate Storytelling With Video Marketing

The traditional use of corporate video marketing are the typical, boring commercials you see interrupting your favorite television shows. The problem with commercials is that people barely notice them, and certainly aren’t moved by the quick display of facts and data around your products and services.

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