2015 Oscar Nominations: the animation categories

On Thursday, January 16, the awaited 87th annual Academy Award nominations were announced by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Here at wezank, our popcorn was made ready right before the Animated Feature Film and Best Animated Short Film categories. Let’s give you a recap of what happened at the animation categories of the 2015 Oscar nominations.

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Successful Social Media Presence: 5 basic steps

It is known, there are two types of businesses today: those living in the old traditional world and those living in the new digital one. 10 years ago, being there for your clients meant giving them an after sale call or replying to their email within 24 hours. Nowadays, however, showing them support and care has a completely different meaning. In this article, we’ll go through the basics for a successful social media presence.

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Marketing Strategy Example for Your Business

“What’s the best marketing strategy?” is a popular question amongst business owners and marketeers worldwide. This doesn’t come as a surprise given the difficulty brands and businesses are facing nowadays in grabbing their target audience’s attention. In this article, we’ll go through 1 marketing strategy example that’s been proving most effective: explainer videos. We’ve talked in a previous article about the advantages and benefits of explainer videos. It’s time now to study it in business terms and from an investors point of view.

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Happy Employees: 6 steps for a successful workforce

Times are changing. We are now living in an information-centered universe, but our management is still bound by rules set hundreds of years ago, since the industrial revolution. But this has to change, because how you measure the success of a business has a lot to do with its employees. You might not be ready to re-module your management yet with a Semler-inspired model; but at least be sure you have happy employees.

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Vanessa from Beirut+ TV

Beirut+TV: wezank’s new project

The Idea

It all started in 2010 when wezank’s co-founders Toni Yammine and Maya Zankoul created a short animated clip titled “Add Ma Baddik!”. Today, they decided to turn this small clip into a TV station, Beirut+TV. Beirut+TV is a new animated web series and will handle topics and situations every Lebanese citizen have encountered or thought of at one stage in his/her life.

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