4 tips to enjoy your work during summer season.

The alarm goes on, you snooze it, go back to sleep, and repeat. What’s worse? It’s not the weekend and the heat is in no way encouraging you to get up and get ready for work. But if you love your job as much as we do, you’ll find little pleasures in small things that will boost your morale even more and help you enjoy your work during summer season. So grab your ice cream and let’s get to it!

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youtube vs. vimeo split screen illustration

Vimeo or Youtube: who wins?

Before you decide which video-sharing platform to pick, you need to ask yourself some questions first: Do you want to target a large audience, or more niche? Do have a budget? After answering, take a minute and quickly check which platform to choose between Vimeo or YouTube based on what you wish to accomplish with your business.

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illustration of video views of different people on social media

Video views: why they aren’t everything

Just like TV commercials, if viewers don’t like what they’re seeing, they ignore, or zap through other channels. This means that all our efforts went down the drown. Views aren’t everything, and we need to think about video metrics that give us further insights. Let’s go through them and see what really counts in the success of your video.

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