6 top reasons to use video in your marketing content

Video marketing is daily on the rise. Any marketer who is not using video to market their products or services will surely be left out- other viable and market-friendly competitors will take advantage of your inefficiency. Below are some of the reasons why you should use video to market your contents on the internet.

Improved SEO

Incorporating video into a content marketing strategy will surely enhance your SEO; adding video to your website or blog will improve your chance of getting to Google’s first page. Knowing how to start a blog is not enough, but you should know how to make it visible on the social media. This will improve your SEO ranking. This happens if you do it right. The internet is filled with amazing stories of organizations that have improved their SEO, simply because they added video to their marketing efforts.

Visual content is key to stronger engagement

If you want to engage your clients or customers, then posting visual contents regularly is the key. It is also another excellent way of deeply engaging new leads and converting visitors to leads.

Creating videos is an easy and most effective option; it is not a herculean task. The advancements of current technological breakthroughs have made it easy for people to create high-quality videos with a minimal budget. Visual contents guarantee stronger engagements.

Easy ways to understand your message

Video marketing is the easiest way of making people to understand your message. Many people find it extremely difficult to assimilate few literary words. For such people, the easiest way you can get the message across to them is through the use of video marketing. When you use video, people will find it easy to learn what you are saying and as well comprehend it.

Build Greater Customer attention

People trust video contents more than written words. In fact, if you use video to promote your products or services, it will go miles in building credibility and authenticity to your business. People will be able to know you through the videos. It will help them to build rapport and connect well with your brand.

Getting visitors to your website is one thing, connecting them to your brand is another thing. To make your website highly interactive, you really need to use surveys, quizzes, video links to drive action. Your explainer videos should have interactive hotspots and lots more.

People prefer shorter contents

Few minutes’ video content has the capacity to get your message across to your visitors within the shortest time, than long written texts. Although, most people will prefer the text version, citing that content is king, but to be on a safer side, you need to provide both services for them.

However, video contents are much more effective, interesting and engaging to read. It is exclusively for those that want to digest the content faster, without devoting much time to read your message.

Accurate representation of your products and services

Video marketing has the capacity to boost customer engagement, convert sales, and transform your website or blog into a rich interactive site that will attract repeat sales or visits. It is not just only YouTube; video advertising can be used in your best interest through many platforms. You can embed videos on your site through Instagram posts, Facebook pages, and tweets.

The way you will use your videos will depend largely on your type of business and service you provide to your clients. The following ideas can get you started:

  • If you are selling products or services, video remains the easiest, innovative and cost-effective way of telling people about it. Learn how to start a blog, and use video contents to make it popular.
  • Naturally, people love how-to videos, because it gives them some helpful hints; no matter the product or service you sell, video remains the best way to explain to people about it.
  • Although, you can publish some written testimonials from previous or present users of your products or services on your website, but uploading videos of people using or recommending your products or services would create more interest and credibility to your brand.

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This is a guest post by Vincent Hill.