5 brainstorming techniques for explainer videos

Our theory is that if we keep sharing with you our secrets, we will make the world a better place with explainer videos. So why stop? Each one of us at wezank compiled 5 brainstorming techniques we think can help us come up with really cool ideas. Who’s ready for some fun?

Rule out the first idea

Usually the first idea that comes to mind is the same idea that anyone else can get. Forget about it. You can even start by brainstorming alone. While group brainstorming is often more effective, several studies have shown that individual brainstorming often produces better ideas than group brainstormings do. So, take some time on your own and reflect on how you can make your good ideas, great.

Let random things inspire

Smart research is important: it helps you save time, and avoid any repetitive or conventional ideas. But one of the 5 brainstorming techniques we encourage at wezank is to actually allow the simplest and most random things inspire. From a joke, a conversation about a random topic, or even music. Letting the ideas flow freely without worrying if they’re close to perfect, allows us to become more creative!

Sacrifice your idea

Team work is the magic word. It is perfectly fine if one’s idea was not picked . This doesn’t make it any less of a creative one, but rather one of those great ideas that simply didn’t make the cut. The client might have a different approach, so it’s not always a bullseye.

Record and replay

Write it down, or record the brainstorming session, who knows, we might get back to it later on and use it in a different project.

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