3 video solutions to common business challenges

We’re on a row this week! Offering you tips and tricks to increase your brand awareness and trust amongst such a vicious competition. Of course we couldn’t do it with the help of our beloved explainer videos and other tools that will definitely do the work. Here are 3 video solutions to common business challenges you might be facing. 


If you want to gain more traffic to your website and or your current ads efforts have no ROI, it would be best to consider pre-roll advertisements. They make the best use of your video in an advertising form considering the powerful competition you might be facing. The viewers are exposed to the ad for a minimum of 15-30 seconds. With text, 15 seconds can’t accomplish much. With video, 15 seconds can deliver a perfect targeted pitch. The best part about pre-roll ads is the ability to put your video in front of any specific audience you choose.

Explainer videos

The best explainer videos are between 45 to 60 minutes tops, and summarise why your business benefits your target audience. They are one of the most effective tools of marketing communications, and you can always count on a great explainer video to simplify and deliver your value proposition.

Client testimonials

The final solution to guarantee customer loyalty and engagement is to actually showcase the users testimonials, and yes, in videos too. That way, you gain the trust of future and new customers. In a study performed by BrightLocal, 88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

If you want take a step further and discuss these tips, let’s have a chat!