Who got creative with their explainer videos?

As we were seeking some inspiration from the world of the Internet, we stumbled upon some super cool explainer videos. We were surprised to find out that many formal industries opted for a new approach. That’s why we wanted to share them with you and discover together how they got really creative with their explainer video. Let’s get started.


Artistic explainer videos

The Van Gogh’s Bedroom created an immersive experience where the video served more than just a visual aid.The video told a story about Ban Gogh’s art and how it had a big influence in history. Used in the exhibit, it attracted all ages, even kids felt engaged with their surroundings. The exhibition showcases a series of videos that assist visitors  in fully experiencing art.

Financial explainer videos

We all know how finance can be a stiff service to explain. Either too difficult for us humans, or a tad boring. In this example, the explainer video was used as supplementary content and extend the reach the target audience. People are more likely to trust someone they can actually see, don’t you agree?

Retail explainer videos

We’re guilty for choosing one of our own, but we wanted to give you the perfect example. Consider it as YOUR inspiration not ours, so we’re not technically cheating. Retail brands tend to go for a pure sales and commercial approach, focusing more on the brand strategy. In this video you’ll  spot a story, going towards a more customer-driven strategy.

So next time let’s have a talk about your idea. Who knows? Your video could be next!