3 explainer video SEO tips to improve your ranking

We’re always looking for fresh, quality-driven approach to video SEO. So whenever we have the chance, we like to share them with you. Take a minute and check 3 explainer video SEO tips that will no doubt help you boost your ranking.

Use your own domain

YouTube is one of the best video platforms; however, uploading your video directly to your own domain is better for SEO. So one of our main SEO tips is to host on your own domain, that way you can create a video sitemap to ensure your video is being displayed properly for your target audience. The sitemap contains key information about your video: from title, location, to its category. This guarantees more visibility for your brand and more traffic to your website.


Connect with your audience

It’s one thing to gain visitors on your website, but if you’re looking for conversion and more activity, you need to invite them to interact.

  • Use in-video links, quizzes, and surveys to drive action.
  • Add interactive hotspots throughout your explainer video.


Track your SEO results

The third and final idea from our SEO tips is to monitor the results of your SEO. Some video platforms come with built-in analytics dashboards that will report the traffic to you, but if yours does not, it’s worth getting one. Tracking allows you to see exactly how many people have clicked and watched your explainer video or which gives you a clear indication of what needs to be changed or kept later on in your strategy based on the results.
Stay tuned for more SEO tips to help you make the best use of your explainer video. Good luck!