2018 video trends and predictions

In the world of videos, another great year has passed by, and all our predictions came true. With a new year of technological innovation ahead of us, the world is ready for more. Do you want to know what videos are up to in 2018? Keep on reading.


1- Square-shaped videos

The format also changed as devices switched our viewing into vertical mode. So instead of turning your phones and tablets around, or for companies to produce videos vertically; the square format was the ultimate solution. In fact, it receives a higher percentage of engagement on social media, which automatically leads your customers from the conversion funnel right down to the conversion itself. That’s because video marketing generates greater engagement with clients when presented the right way.


2- Live 2018 video trends

Around 13% of web traffic is directly coming from live streaming. This new trend has been on the rise in recent years and is not going away anytime soon. For businesses and brands, live videos became a successful marketing form: they are more economical since businesses don’t have to worry about investing in the production and editing phase. They also transmit spontaneous and authentic content as well as increase the quality of views as users spend three times longer to watch them than any other form of videos.


3- 2018 video trends in e-learning

Using videos as a tool for training, both internally in companies, and externally as monetized content is the next big thing. With quality content, you can now properly train your employees and also benefit from this type of courses as a marketing content to teach your clients anything about your business.


4- Sponsored videos

Luckily for everyone, videos offer many opportunities to launch paid advertising campaigns. Video ads across platforms like Facebook ads give a chance to increase conversions and to partner with social media influencers that can give your content marketing a boost.


5- VR Videos

The number of active VR users is forecast to reach 171 million by 2018, so you better keep an eye out for the increase in demand as it definitely gives your customers a better experience, as well as a better training simulation for your employees.

Don’t you think it’s about time to use videos? Let’s talk.